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Abrams Nursery FAQ

Can I send my customer to the nursery to pick out plants?

All customers must be accompanied by a landscape professional to the sales yard.

Does Abrams Nursery close for winter?

No, we are open year-round but with limited winter hours. Please view our google page for the most up-to-date schedule.

Why dig trees so late in the year?

Can you ship plants directly to me?

Yes, Abrams Nursery does ship materials. Please consult our sales staff for information and pricing.

Can I buy seeds or plant liners from Abrams Nursery?

No, unfortunately, this is not a service we offer at this time.

Can I get a catalog/price list?

The latest catalog is available for download under the Professionals section.

Can I tour your nursery?

Yes, tours are available for wholesale buyers. Please contact our office at 502.241.4996 for more information.

My organization is seeking plant donations. What is your policy?

Please contact our sales office to inquire about donations. 502.241.4996

Can we book a spokesperson from Abrams Nursery to speak at an event?

Yes, we are always happy to share our knowledge about plants. Please contact Kenton Abrams to schedule. 502.241.4996

General Site FAQ

What is your photo use policy?

Our images are either purchased stock photography which has their own set of rules, or it is custom photography that is copyright only for use by Abrams Nursery.

Can I establish a link to this website from my website or blog?

Yes, we are happy to be linked with anyone that is providing plant information.

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